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It started and almost ended on a treadmill.  Dr. G had an explicit demand, “go home and stay alive until Monday”. Seriously! This was a Friday afternoon, 6:30 PM. My widow maker artery was 90% blocked.  On May 5th, 2020 I was shivering cold, laying on a sterile operating table. The stent to be inserted thru my wrist was a size large.  Hmm. Is that good or bad?  A nurse whispered, “Tony can you hear me? You are going to feel a little light-headed…”

The sedative circulating within my body was useless for rational thought. I wondered if I would make it until the 12th, my youngest daughter’s birthday. Would I be there to encourage my oldest daughter who’s battling breast cancer to live without fear? Or would “there” be heavenly?

Yet, I approach life as the luckiest guy in the world. Why… because I figured it out.  It can be anything… family, giving, humor, inspiration, lifestyle, passion, sports, work, failure, sadness or greatness. You are Ït.

Without being too weird identity has two i’s and two t’s. Combining them formed Ït.  Hey, I was drugged up and locked down in a hospital room without visitors. Months passed as Ït grew from an idea to a business plan. Then execution. Copyright and trademark laws; web designs and hosting; payment platforms and fulfillment partners. With the process complete, I bought the first hat from www.iitbrand.com, for my wife, Hug Ït.

What’s  Ït… about?                           It’s your life… have fun with Ït.