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Please understand that our custom embroidered hats are made specifically for you at the time of order. We do not warehouse thousands of items waiting for a customer purchase.

Our technology is quite accurate, matching what is visible on the website to the product you receive. We use high quality materials and state of the art manufacturing processes. Try to choose hats you really want. Please don’t order two or three items expecting to return the ones you don’t like. My adult children do this.

If it’s not flawed by a manufacturing process, you’ll probably want to give it to a friend or sibling – not back to us. I’m a dad… this is tough love. Please don’t let our return policy prevent you from purchasing. If we maintain low costs, you receive a better product and service with competitive pricing. I hope you understand our Return Policy. If not send us an email. We’ll gladly respond.

With a purchase of our product, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions either written, implied and/or legal. Be nice and we’ll take care of you. If not, we’ll ship you a Whine Ït hat, just kidding.

Thanks for reading this. You’ll be satisfied with our merchandise. We only accept returns on products that have a manufacturing defect, or if we shipped the wrong color, style or made a mistake. Thank you.